Pack Ingredients EA Ltd is a leading food ingredient company incorporated in Kenya with an objective of providing cutting edge food processing solutions to flour millers and bakers.

The technical expertise is composed of highly experienced minds trained in the field of food science.
The backup in technology is provided by our supply partners from Europe and Far East.

We boast of mechanical endowments in the field of premixing by using the latest precision mixing technology.

Our ingredients are sourced from the best in Europe, Australasia, Japan and China.

Our range of products include wheat flour treatment systems, bread improver systems, cake and confectionary improver systems, cake mixes bread and cake preservatives and aerating agents.

In our efforts to provide food process solutions to our clients and also to improve clientele relationships, we also provide special, proprietary premix solutions to all our valued customers.

We welcome you to enjoy our range of products and to contact us through the following email:


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